Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Product Review: Sojos Simply Wild Free Range Wild Boar

Hello there good pups and peeps of Blogville! Macy Blue here. I finally bribed my secretary with some serious playtime to get her to do my reviews this month! Geez... smh... good help is so hard to find.

O.K. Momma, what's up for the Blue girl to review? Sojos??? I LOVE Sojos!!! Wait, Sojos makes TREATS????

We love Sojos for their raw food kibbles but  treats too??? Simply Wild Free Range Wild Boar... I gotta try it! Gimme Momma gimme!!!

Nom Nom nom... Uh Mom???

May I have another???


Here we go!!! INCOMING!!! While I enjoy some more Free Range Wild Boar, Momma's gonna tell you about why we love our Sojos!!

Creekhiker here.  Yes, we are big Sojos fans here! But these treats are new to us. Sojos' specialty is homemade freeze dried raw pet food. And these Simply Wild Free Range Wild Boar are 100% Freeze dried raw boar. Macy LOVED THEM!!

Sojos never uses preservatives, food colors or flavors and uses 100% USDA certified meat. At 12.20 for 2.5 ounces, these are on par with other freeze dried treats we've bought. And.. the freeze dried meat makes an EXCELLENT training treat. These are a decent size for a regular treat but they can be cut down easily for training work. 

 You're killing me here Mom!!! Gimme!!!   

Wow! These were PAWSOME!!!

Macy Blue gives Sojos' Simply Wild Free Range Boar four paws up!!

Neither Creekhiker nor Macy Blue were compensated for this review. Sojos gave Macy Blue one bag of Simply Wild Free Range Wild Boar Freeze Dried Treats to try out. All opinions expressed were our own.  


rottrover said...

We LOVES Sojos! We love Wild Boar Freeze Dried Dog Foods!!

Ruby and Otto

Mark Muller said...

how great that you got such delicious treats! I'm not a fan of that wild boars... my momma bought it fresh once and the cooking-smell was devilish... and at the end her beloved Weimaraner said No... thanks :o)

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We haven't had those yet - you did a great review and convinced us we need to try them too. NOW to get Mom to order them.

We are hoping your Mom's shoulder is getting better. And Macy, you are looking absolutely stunning!!!

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

KB Bear said...

I'm glad that Macy Blue loves them!

K9friend said...

You are a most excellent reviewer, Macy!

Critter Alley