Monday, November 17, 2014

She Who Must Be Punished

After those Debbie Downer about a happy?? Yes I know it's about canine damage...but I actually see this as sweet!

Macy's biggest quirk is this:

Yes, she eats my glasses...well, more like chews them up and spits them out! I always make sure I find all the pieces parts. Although in the beginning, I was feeding her lots of soft bread when I couldn't find all the parts in the grass.

She does this to the glasses I hide in the sofa. (I'm of the age where they are a sudden necessity and they are "hidden" in every room of the house!) But she curls up on the sofa when I leave and hunts for them. So now I leave them in the chair next to the sofa. We haven't had an episode for weeks until I went out to torch and make beads and carelessly left them on the sofa because I was home.

I know she does this because of anxiety at being left and the glasses smell like me. I must be punished for leaving her all alone in a big house with many dogs beds and sofas with warm blankets, right?

The other night, the bestie called and wanted me to join her on a shopping trip to a new witchy shop - they have the best pure oils for fragrance that those of us with perfume sensitivities can actually tolerate. Macy Blue and I were finishing a hike so we went straight to the bestie's house. I had to go to the bathroom so I ran inside while the bestie got settled in my car with her travel beverages.

She reported that Macy cried the entire time I was in the house! Even though her auntie was offering pets and scritches, Macy only wanted me. Now, Miss Mabel Lou would have milked scritches out of any available human! But not my little Blue girl! She wants her momma!

And as for the 10 pair of glasses that have died a toothsome death since June... I have a common prescription and I buy them at the dollar store...four pair at a time!


Snowbrush said...

I'm glad they're cheap.

I have a great book recommendation for you: The Dog Who Could Fly by Damien Lewis. It's the WWII account of a dog that had an adventurous life second to none.

Millie and Walter said...

I'm glad to hear it gives you a chuckle and they aren't $300 glasses you are loosing. Your Macy sure loves you and takes no substitutes. LOL.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh dear, this sounds a lot like little Miss Anxiety Ciara - but it must be a nice feeling to know you are so wanted:)

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Ruby said...

I missed your last postie..OMD, what a week!! Holy Crap gurls!! Well, I left a comment, butts I had to say that Ma's eyes are goin' too, and she can;t squint tight enough anymore to read most things, and she prefers the drugstore reading glasses too! Then she doesn't have to worry abouts losing them...she loses lots of things! BOL
Anyhu, that gurl sure does loves you!!! I don't thinks you have to worry abouts 'bonding' anymore! ☺
Ruby ♥

KB Bear said...

Since it's a sign of how much Miss Macy loves you and it's not an expensive loss, I think it's cute!

We had a Lab who we used to swim in ponds with. My husband is almost blind without his glasses. Well, our Lab somehow developed the habit of swimming over and gently stealing my husband's glasses off of his face while they swam. Then, he'd play keepaway from me as I tried to retrieve the glasses from him. Ah, I miss that comedian!

K9friend said...

Cheap is the only type of reading glasses I buy. I'm constantly losing or breaking them.

Critter Alley

rottrover said...

Oh, that Blue girl...I love her so much!!

Ruby said...

Hey, Ma wants to know if you use a chewable heartworm/flea medication?
Apparently, I can't take them anymore cause I just throw them up, butts Ma paid LOTS of green papers for it and now it's just sitting here. She wanted to know if you could use it? The ones we have are: ComboGuard and AcuGuard.
The tablets are individually sealed and everything. Let me know if you can use them or if Otto and the gang can use them and I'll mail them to you.
Ruby ♥