Thursday, October 10, 2013

Got Creek?

We had a gulley washer of a storm Wednesday. Our temps dropped seven degrees down into the 40s during the storm. As soon as there was a break, you know we had to dash out to see the creek. We ran into Chloe and her dad  just as we were trying to figure out our way over an impromptu stream bed cutting across our entry. We made our way over to the river bed and were all over joyed to find water!

Toward Mt. Lukens

Downstream view:

By the time we hiked out, that first stream had dried up. And today, there was nothing but mud puddles... Here's Hank and Sue in the same spot Thursday night. Ms. Mabel was in a "no photos please" mood with seeing no water in her stream...



harrispen said...

At least you had a creek for a few hours.

Millie & Walter

GOOSE said...

The up side is you got to enjoy it for a while. Mud is fun too. just saying...hehhehehhehe

Snowbrush said...

What lovely pictures of the stream and surrounding area!

Ruby said...

Oh, wells, at least you gots your paws wet for a while...I bets that felt good!!
Ruby ♥

Mollie said...

It amazes me how quick it dries up..BOL. I would love to go play in the creek with you xxxooxx

Mollie and Alfie

K9friend said...

Wow! It looks so different. What a beautiful stream.

Critter Alley