Sunday, September 08, 2013

Pictures In My Head

I have so many pictures in my head that I would love to share with you but for one reason or another...they are impossible to get.  So I hope you will humor me on this wordy journey.

Dogs in Cars: I can't put this photo essay together because I'm driving when the photo ops occur but, there are SO many dogs in cars in this neighborhood. People take their dogs everywhere! There are big dogs in small cars and little dogs in big trucks. Dogs are always on the move around here. It's an unusal drive when I DON'T see a dog in a car! And the piece de resistance??? The time I saw a family driving with their parakeet! At first, I thought the bird was in the car by mistake...until he landed on the driver's head and got NO reaction!

The Handicapped Dog Walkers: Dogs aren't just on the move in cars... No. We had a lady who would come to the creek in her golf cart with her poodle riding shotgun. She would park and let him roam in the nearby wilds. We have another lady with a walker and her dogs ride on the seat. And an overweight basset whose owner is in a wheelchair but is seen out with his dog every night. Rottrover tells me the basset rides sitting on the owners feet but I've only seen him walking beside. Either way...that's dedication.

The Human / Rottweiler Bitey Face Game: So maybe this would be a video but I'm camera shy and I hate selfies! But Mabel Lou refuses to get off the sofa to go potty and then to bed without a game of bitey face! This mostly entails the two of us cheek to cheek, or forehead to forehead, growling at one another! I growl, she growls, lather, rinse repeat for a few minutes. When she wants it to be over, she kisses me and we're done. If I try to end it and she is not ready, she wraps her paw around the back of my head and pulls my face next to hers for another round! The photo would be of the back of my head with her paw there. I would love to have that photo.

I tell you all of this because this week, I finally got a crap version of one of the photos in my head - not one of the above; a different one. It's been there for 13 years! But you'll have to visit tomorrow for that one.


Mollie said...

We'z be back tomorrow :) Hugs xx00xxx

Mollie and Alfie

harrispen said...

I would love to see one of the bitey face game.


GOOSE said...

We'll be back!!

Ruby said...

Oh Man!!!! That is SOOOO mean to make us wait!!! Shoot.
Well, that bitey face game sounds all kinds of funs!! BOL
Ruby ♥

Dexter said...

I know just what you mean. Sometimes momma and I play crazy dog in the yard. You never know when the mood will hit. It entails momma going to one end of the yard and me to the other and then she runs towards me waving her arms and yelling and I zoomie at her as fast as I can and then try to cut her legs out from under her. Almost got her tonight. I did a behind the knee body slam. She teetered but she didn't fall down.