Friday, August 02, 2013

Misty Morning

We have been having the coolest July I ever remember. I think the Universe is rewarding me for being gone during my favorite "June Gloom" month and the fact that our May was not typically gray. I those cool misty mornings, when the sun comes out late, if at all. Based on our hot and sunny May, I thought we were in for a long, hot and miserable summer. But somehow, the ocean breeze has been making it over our mountains! Even though our days are in the 80s, the nights have been in the lower 50s! Everything is a good 15 degrees cooler...which begins to make up for no water in the creek!

Mabel is insisting I tell you that this was the first of TWO hikes she got yesterday but...there were NO  swimmies either time! We followed the dry creek bed in the morning and when I made it home early last night, we headed for Dirty Creek. We were hoping for a quick swim but...the skunk beat us there! We've already got a swim planned for tonight at the ponds!


Dory and the Mama said...

I am so enjoying the cool weather of the northwest, and the dogs are in shock that they get to walk during daylight hours.

Mr. Pip said...

We have had a cool summer here, too. This is probably a good thing because I have trouble breathing when it is really hot.

Hope you found some water for a swim!

Your pal, Pip