Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Does It Take So Long To Train Humans?

Mabel Lou here. My mom took this photo of me for a blog post she intended to write and call "Old Dog Issues."  Well, let this old dog tell you that the ONLY issue around here is dumb humans that take forever to train!

You see, my mom took that picture because she is an idiot thought something was wrong with me. For several days in a row, I woke her in the wee hours of the morning...not to go outside ( I can hold it for 12 hours!) . No, I got up and balled up in my own bed for one simple reason: I was COLD! Of course, I would wake her up again around 5 a.m. when I got lonely even colder and wanted back in the big bed. I always ask permission to get in the big bed... I never take "NO" for an answer but I do always ask!

This seemed to disturb my mom but did she break out the nice fluffy blankies??? NO! Did she turn on the heated  mattress pad??? NO!  So every morning, I jumped off that cold brick of a bed to let Momma know but... it took her almost a week for figure it out!

It's like my toothbrush... every night after dinner, I get a toothbrush treat. But most nights, I finish my paltry vittles and come into the kitchen. Mom continues with her dinner or cleaning. I go and stand right next to her. She shoos me out of the kitchen. I retreat and give her the stink eye and she screams at me! "WHAT?"

I give her the sweet puppy face and again she screams, "WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???"

Seeing that I'm apparently not going to be able to get proper dental hygiene from the crazy witch, I curl up in my bed. Much later, it dawns on her!

"Mabel, my sweet girl! I forgot to get your toothbrush out! I'm so sorry!!!"

And yet, tonight, it will be the same thing again. What's a pup to do with such dense humans in our midst? Some days, I just don't think I can teach her another thing!


GOOSE said...

Oh yes I have heard more than once "WHAT?, What is wrong with you. What is your problem." Only for my MOM to realize she was having the problem, a brain fart and forgot something she always does fo rme or such. sheeesh. I have learned ot live with is for a long time. Some humans are jsut not trainable. But what ya gonna do? I just love her through it.

rottrover said...

Seriously? THEY are so dense. Goose is right - love and patience are the only strategy...

Bart and Ruby

harrispen said...

Those humans are so hard to train.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Let us know if you find the answer, Mabel:)

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Wyatt said...

We hear you, Mabel. People can be so dense and hard to train. You have to be patient with them and give them lots of positive reinforcement!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Linda@VS said...

Speaking on behalf of us humans, we might learn faster if YOU would give US treats. Didja ever think about that?