Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Where's Momma?

One afternoon, I found the duck babies sitting in the shade on the far end of the pool... no Momma Mallory in sight!

I had started moving their food farther and farther from the pool... both for exercise and for making it easier for the duck trapper to catch them when the time came. So Mallory had gone looking for food.

In short order, I heard her quacking and flying up the canal behind the house (great land mark for flying, eh?). The babies all starting running to the back of the deck to get closer to Mom. To their surprise, she made a sharp turn and came into the pool from the side and there was much excitement when they realized they were going the wrong way!

They quickly regrouped on the side of the cement pond and were soon in the water with Mom.


24 Paws of Love said...

You've been having quite the capers with your duck family, haven't you?? :) Some people have all the luck!! :)

rottrover said...

Have I mentioned that they are JUST SOOOO CUTE!!

Mango said...

Mom needed a time out. Who can blame her?

Mango Momma

Priscilla said...

Mama Mallory needs a rest!