Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bad Bart

It's been a trying few weeks.  I'm always overwhelmed this time of year prepping taxes, sales taxes, commission reports, etc... the chore I despise most of all. Add in my illness and my sister being so sick and the insurance claim on my downed fences, the fact that my neighbors across the way can see right in my once private back door and the niece's wedding and you get one stressed Creekhiker.

And then there's the dogs. I have so many dog adventures from just the last SEVEN DAYS that my head is spinning! WHY can't I ever just have a normal hike... do I beg for trouble??

So much has happened and I'm too pressed for time to deal with many pictures so, I'm going to give you some bit-tids and a few teasers.

  • Some days I think Bart has gone slap dab crazy. He bowed up and threatened to attack a biker and a jogger during two different hikes this week! The biker was very nice... the jogger? Not so much.
  • WHY, when someone (such as a biker or a jogger) sees you trying to gather your dogs and get your leash, do they just barrel right on into the pack??? Do they want to get bit??? Or heaven forbid, when you ask them to stop... WHY keep on going??? Are they really that absorbed in their own little world?
  • And while Bart does need some serious training, the bestie (Bart's owner) is in no shape to do the job and quite frankly, if I wanted a leashed dog, I wouldn't hike where I hike. But if the task has to be done, it's pretty much up to me to do it. Ugh.
  • So, we've started training him with the electric shock collar. Bart does not obey on leash... he bucks and jumps so much that we've actually considered creating a workout video featuring "Bart moves." They are THAT funny.  
  • After two walks with the collar on, he's already figured out that the buzzer is an audible warning to behave "or else." So... the Barticus hears the warning and ...stops the annoying behavior and non-nonchalantly does... anything else. And after a minute or two, he goes right back to the annoying behavior. I've decided to instead train him so that my voice is his only warning. 
  • It wasn't ONLY the incidents with the jogger / biker that brought us to this decision...but you'll have to wait for that story!
  • I'm so happy to say, we had an uneventful walk tonight! 
{Updated 2/1 - I felt the need to add... we RARELY see joggers and bikers! Maybe twice a month....not enough to punish the pups with leash walks but we do want to control Bart to protect him and the other people.)
Teasers from the last week:
  • The great eye ball fake out or how to outwit four dogs at once.
  • Mom put in her place as Mabel "meats" out punishment.
  • What's freaking Bart out?
  • Who's Dead Dog Is This? (Don't worry! It's funny! I swear!)


Mango said...

Well, having Bart off leash without control is a non-starter. Joggers happen, just the way it is. So hopefully the collar will work to bring him in line.

Mango Momma

Linda@VS said...

You've definitely had your hands full. Too bad you couldn't put the shock collar on the rude biker.

Mr. Pip said...

I think there's something weird going on because we are having one of those weeks, too. Hope things calm down soon. Wishing you a peaceful rest of the week.

Pip's mom