Monday, October 12, 2009

Giggles Galore

My girl has had me rolling with laughter lately. And since my blog has had little activity lately, I thought I'd share some giggles.

Whatcha Waiting For???

There's a dead tree at the end of the levee. Mabel likes to go to the edge and survey. She looks long and hard for coyotes, ground squirrels, rabbits, people, horses... anything moving. I stand there and stretch. But, my foot has been bugging me lately so I've taken to sitting on the felled tree and stretching my back there.

Yesterday, Mabel finished her survey and turned to look at me mid-stretch. As I didn't heed her signal to move on, she turned her heiny around and sat down next to me on the tree! And...proceeded to whine her discontent at not moving on.

Looong Complaint:

Miss Mabel has a tendency to turn sideways in the bed, giving herself a generous 3/4 of the bed. Last night, I got up to go to the bathroom and was not pleased with this discrepancy. Mabel HATES being moved or someone moving her bed when she's in it. Earthquakes bring much drama! Knowing this, I've learned to be fast.

I plunged my hands under her shoulder and behind and twisted...over in 2 seconds flat. Mabel started growling (not a mean growl...more like grousing her discontent) and growled and growled and growled. She complained for a full two minutes!

A Longer Running Start:

Miss Skinny Long Legs has always needed a running start to get on my bed. In my tiny California house, this means her going into the mini bathroom, head into the shower, back up by the toilet, head out the door, pause, two steps and a leap onto the bed. But Mabel is now 7 1/2. Lately, she has preferred backing into the art room and running four steps to leap.

My poor baby is getting older...but she still makes me smile.

I jumped up here for THIS?

Today, I had a sinus headache - not uncommon with my allergies and all the ash we have post-fire. I decided to nap and was cold so I begged the girl to join me. I knew I would have to bribe her so I got her a cookie - some peanut butter dog cookies I bought at the town bake sale this weekend.

She went into the hall, ran and leaped on the bed and came over to inspect the cookie. I should explain, Mabel usually gets chicken or beef jerky at bedtime. She curled her lip and just stood there looking at me.

I've long ago established that I'm a well-trained animal. I got up and got her beef jerky. She happily curled up and ate it...then ate the peanut butter cookie!

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Anonymous said...

oh, yes, she has you trained well! I'm laughing at her complaints. Spot expresses his displeasure whenever we make him move out of the way.