Monday, December 29, 2008

Cozy by the Fire

Miss Mabel always loves to curl up by the fire and our recent dip in temperatures has given her the opportunity to partake of her great joy.

It always freaks me out that she likes being so close.
She will jump up and run to me after the logs settle but I tell her it's OK and she goes right back.

The second night of cold, it started pouring rain so I had to bring her outside bed in. I arrange them so I have a place to stand when tossing logs on the fire... and that's the spot she picks to snooze.

At some point, she did realize that her bed would be more comfy. I love how she spreads herself across both, like some rogue dog is going to run in and nap on her bed.


Anonymous said...

that's so sweet! I can't imagine Spot wanting to be close to a heat source, he usually picks a place that's far away from any heat coming from the registers, and often indicates that he'd really like it if I turned on the air conditioner.

Mabel probably wants to make sure you don't decide to nap on the other bed!

Duly Inspired said...

I am so so jealous of Mabel right now! Her bed, her spot by the fire, that she can nap... well, at least someone I know gets that slice of heaven!

Anonymous said...

Our pups fight for the bed closest to the stove too! Happy New Year to you and Mabel...Carmon