Thursday, December 26, 2013

About Her Other Nickname

All good dogs have many nicknames and I've written about Mabel's ad infinitum! I finally realized this particular nickname came into being - or shall I say was "earned" - a few years ago at our pal Chloe's hot dog party for the pack at the creek!

Mabel Lou was such a brat at that party, it's when the rest of our hiking buddies started referring to her as "Queen Bitch of Everything!"

She ran around and stole party hats. If the other dogs were rough-housing, she had to be the roughest. If things got too rough... a number determined solely by Miss Mabel's mood at any given time... she had to be the one to put the others in their place. She had to have the best ball... be in front of every hike.  I get it! My dog is bossy. And yes, she IS bitchy!

The other dogs just let her have her way... it clearly means more to her than the other, more laid back animals in our pack. They listen to her annoying scream barking; they roll their eyes behind her back; they feign respect.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the gift the RottRovers gave her for Christmas! They had Millie and Walter's Mom, Cindy, make a kerchief just for the Queen!

I just love the bones and paw prints in the jewels of the crown! Here's a shot of the princess Queen modeling it while we were out to brunch:

Well, I guess if the title fits, she must wear it! Naturally, she tried to roll in the mud with it on! OY!

Don't be mislead by her innocent looks:
She earned her title!  She's certainly the Queen Bitch at home!

You can find custom kerchiefs in Cindy's Thread Craft on Etsy.


Millie and Walter said...

I've been waiting a long time to hear about this and I'm so glad you like it. The color looks great on her too. I just love your story about how she got this nickname. It was an honor to create a one of a kind piece for Miss Mabel Lou!

Just to let you know the bandanna is washable. Gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang dry. Iron on high if needed.



The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Too Cute!!!!

rottrover said...

Hey Mabel, if the bandanna fits...

We love you!!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto