Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I Don't NEED Words!

Canine communication really is a wonderful thing. When you spend lots of time with your dog (MT and I are together 24/7 every day but Mondays when I run errands and see doctors.), if you have the most basic of observation skills, you begin to understand what your pup is "saying." 

It's no secret that I've been frustrated with Maizy True's progress using her AAC device. We do have amazing moments with it. I gave her "yes / no" buttons last Saturday and was modeling. "Coffee / no," "Water / yes." I got the bright idea to model with her toy. I picked it up and was teasing Maizy and saying "play / yes." Then I laid the toy down and said "play / no." 

She seemed interested, taking it all in. I got more animated, tickling her with her toy as I pressed "play / yes." Then, I threw the toy down, pressed "play / no" and walked toward the kitchen. 

While my back was turned, she pressed, "hike / yes!" I begged nooooo. Hike later. Too hot. But, she was up and out the door! So we took the hottest hike ever and I nearly died all because I wanted to reward her for using a brand new button minutes after getting it!

The other day, I had to call my cable company. It's one of those frustrating robo "press this / press that / confirm your account / I'm sorry I didn't get that" situations. (I seriously think every CEO should have to attempt to reach her company's customer service on a monthly basis as part of her job!) I usually end up screaming into the phone. Maizy often moves far away from me as soon as she realizes I'm on the phone with a recording. She jumped off the sofa. I thought she was going to get in her bed. But she walked over her board, pausing on her bed and with her BACK FOOT, pressed "outside" and stood by the door. Our first back foot press!!! 

But it was no button press at all that astounded me today! We had slept late and it was almost time for her normal breakfast. I keep trying to find ways to give her choices in hopes she will interact with me on the board more. So, I asked "Maizy / eat" now or "Maizy / hike" now? I waited. I could see her thinking... She turned and walked to the closet where her neighborhood walking tack is stored and looked at the door! She was very clearly telling me she wanted to stick with her usual routine of exercise first / eat after...even if breakfast would be late! 

It's a good reminder to communicate in whatever form it comes in!


easyweimaraner said...

to "speak" dog is a super thing, indeed.. it makes everything much easier...

Millie and Walter said...

It's nice to hear that Maizy uses her sound board sometimes but we all learn to read our pups' communications by their body language or the different barks they make.

I totally agree with you about talking to those stupid computer voices. I usually just start yelling "representative" into the phone until I get a person on the other end and hope that I'm talking to someone in the USA and not overseas. I like your idea of making the CEO use that system once in a while so they can see how terrible they are.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Millie and Walter, Those robo answer machines are the WORST!!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Mom says she knows what we want tooand we don't have any of those fancy buttons. Just this morning, Misty was staring at the window and then looking at Mom. It was still early so the blinds were still closed. Finally mom opened the blinds and that is exactly what she wanted - she wanted to get on Squirrel Patrol.

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