Wednesday, May 04, 2022

The Sweetest Request

 Eight days after giving Maizy her buttons, she FLOORED ME with a request. 

First a little backstory. My knee is a hot mess....worker's comp issue from teaching emotional disturbance. It really slows us down on our morning neighborhood walks. We used to get home early enough for both of us to have a leisurely breakfast and time left over for me to drink coffee on the back porch.  Maizy True loves to sit next to me as I drink coffee... She's hoping for the dregs of my cup and the scritches make it all the better. 

But with my knee acting up, most days for the last few months, I've walked the door and had to start work immediately. I don't have time for coffee, much less food and MT has to wait until I can take a quick break for her breakfast.

But we had gotten an early start that Saturday about 10 days ago. I fed Maizy and decided I had time to put my leg up while I drank coffee. I was standing by the sofa, cup in hand, trying to make sure I wasn't about to sit on the remote. Maizy had been finishing her breakfast and I wasn't really paying attention to where she was. She pressed her WATER button! I looked at her bowls... she had water. 

It slowly started to dawn on me that you drink water and you drink coffee... Could Maizy be generalizing?  No sooner did I decide she was making some reference to my coffee, she pressed OUTSIDE and looked out the door! 

Was Maizy asking for coffee on the porch?? I pressed WATER and OUTSIDE and headed out the door, followed by a very happy Maizy True! 

I was so excited. She was not only engaging with the buttons, she was applying meaning! 

And naturally, I had to mess it all up.


easyweimaraner said...

love it... to have coffee (water) together is a super start... all the best for your knee...

Millie and Walter said...

That's amazing! We can't wait to hear how much more Maizy communicates with you. BTW we love to drink the last drops from our dad's coffee, too.